shugo tokumaru
oslcdr-1 2005©

available now.

featuring remix's by:

midori hirano
dj codomo
kazutoshi hara
fujimoto yuichiro
suppa micro pamchopp
hot fudge sundae
david fenech
shugo tokumaru


listen to a mix of all the songs. here.
and here is the track list / song order:
light chair (midori hirano) / typewriter (dj codomo) / such a color (kazutoshi hara) / light chair (fujimoto yuichiro) / switch (marxy) /
paparazzi (suppa micro pamchopp) / light chair (imai) / sleet (gng) / light chair (digiki) / lantern on the water (hot fudge sundae) /
typewriter (david fenech) / kite of night (pandatone) / the mop (shugo tokumaru)

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we already have extra web only fun!
here is a cover of "the mop" by the Kitakaruizawas.
a nice 1 take rendition.



jan, 2006:
seriously, i have no idea what i'm doing! nobuko's CD is now going to be music related.
also, we're gonna get into the digital game. with a EP by me. pandatone, hopefully within the season or so. maybe a couple. i can't afford to press my own stuff, and everyone else's. so, i'm just gonna give mine away.

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